Kaadoo PaapaKaadoo Paapa


The slender loris is a nocturnal animal that moves about looking for its prey through the night. It is characterised by its grey coat, a small body, a round head, big eyes, slender and long limbs, a well-developed thumb, big ears and the clear absence of a tail.

Body Size & Length

Little smaller than a house cat
Measures 22 to 26 cm in length
Weighs up to 250 to 325 gm
Stands about 16.5 cm to 28 cm tall


Feeds on tender leaves, berries, insects, lizards, geckos, frogs, birds & eggs


Typical deciduous scrub forests
Semi-dense scrub forests
Easily lives on: Bamboo; Soap Nut, Lantana; Neem Tree; Eucalyptus; Banyan Tree; Mango, Wild-Gooseberry

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