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People for Paapa® is a ‘not-for-profit’ initiative to create awareness about Slender Loris; the critically endangered nocturnal primate, dispelling myths, increasing habitat cover, thus preventing it from becoming extinct.

Currently we are spreading the awareness amongst the citizens of large metro cities viz. Bangalore, Coimbature and suburbs, and also the rural/tribal areas around Dindugal, Kanakapura, Tumkur etc.

Educate villagers and tribals about the need to save the species, its significance, benefits and role in the ecosystem.

Create general awareness through audio visual campaigns, write-ups in local dailies, intervention in schools, corporate society responsibility, presentations, quizzes, games, information signages etc.

Sreening of awareness campaing film. "The Cry of the Paapa" at various wildlife/nature festivals; at centres/schools in and around cities and neighbouring villages.

The Loris is legally protected as a Schedule 1 species, under The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972; various other methods are necessary for its continued existence.

We need to do more by,

• Creating a continuous awareness campaign both persuasive and cohesive
• Encouraging active participation by villagers
• Building a bridge between the public and the departments
• Creating exclusive conservation reserves

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